After a very surrealistic year, the cultural sector is relaunching now, resulting in a full and adventurous concert calendar. Check it out on the agenda page!

Extended Sound - in search of a new sound world

Since the recent pandemic all concert activities are cancelled.

To provide an artistic answer to the current situation, parts of the scheduled concert programs and premières of pieces will be recorded in the project 'Extended Sound'. Through close collaboration with adventurous composers, new sound worlds will be explored resulting in an album titled 'Adjacent Spaces'. The focus will be on sounds that are not referring to the normal or familiar sound of the instrument. In six different compositions, 6 alternative sound worlds are explored, offering a window on future possibilities for clarinet composition and performing, going away from the tradition into the unknown.

Listen here to the first results.

Odysseia pays hommage to the genius Belgian composer Luc Brewaeys. Listen to their brand new series of recordings on Soundcloud

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Trailer District Walk #6 is online!

New CD released with fascinating works by the Swedish composer Malin Bång