I'm very proud and happy to join the great 'Ensemble Fractales' from now on! Some beautiful musical moments are awaiting.

Alexander Chernyshkov's new piece 'Breathing Every Now and Then' is a blast!

Breads cooling down, it makes a lovely sound! Listen to my last little soundtrack here (and snag some headphones for the true asmr-experience)

Check it out! the LIVE STREAMfrom the Alten Schmiede, Vienna is still available

Live Performance of Stefan Prins' Generation Kill Offspring #2 for virtual clarinet player and game controller @ Concertgebouw Brugge

Finally! She is ready! To order "Adjacent Spaces", click on the image below

World Première of Stefan Prins' piece for bass clarinet solo, Inhibition Space #2 -Gaida Festival Vilnius

"The abundance of impressions, or perhaps the overall style and aesthetics of the Nadar Ensemble, kept my mind occupied for some time after the concert. I must admit I was in a state of mild shock, as I have never seen such a concert and ensemble live before: the theatricality of the performers was very well orchestrated, and the synthesis of sound and image was close to genius." Domantas Pūras