Under this working title, 6 pieces making use of extended techniques for clarinet - solo or with the use of live-electronics, tape, sound objects and feedback loops - will document different possibilities to enlarge the existing sound world of the instrument. Trough a close collaboration with especially young and adventurous composers, new pieces will be elaborated and recorded on May 26th. 

Departing from the intimate but detailed sound world of the know composer Salvatore Sciarrino, who wrote a well known masterpiece using different types of multiphonics, we dive into the unexplored territory with a brand new work from Michaël Maierhof for bass clarinet mouthpiece and splitter. Michael Maierhof constructs his own instrumental tools using plastic cups,  nylon threads and different types of marbles. 

Malin Bång explores the possibilities of a microphone inside the instrument, precisely placed, in her moving piece Split Rudder. Based on the ballad of Evert Taube, 'the brig Blue Bird of Hull', she evokes an enigmatic scenery of a stormy sea. After a long collaboration, we made a new version of her existing piece for the Paetzold recorder, transforming playing techniques and sounds to the bass clarinet. The composition involves 6 prerecorded tapes consisting of the same material as the live sound and small Christmas jingles. 

The influence Ui Kyung Lee felt towards the German established composer Helmut Lachenmann when he moved to Germany, is reflected upon in his piece 'As Long as you Love me'. Lachenmanns dominance in today's contemporary music scene reminds him of the influences of some of the world most known dictators from which his music is longing to escape. The clarinet is completely taken apart and each individual piece claims its own identity. 

In his series Inhibition Space, the Belgian composer Stefan Prins constructs a labyrinth of feedback loops where the instrument is used as a trigger machine whereas Hunjoo Jung experiments with different singing techniques for the voice inside or separate from the instrument. Together with live electronics, he creates a terrifying landscape through huge contrasts taking away your last possible breath.


Salvatore Sciarrino, Let Me Die Before I Wake 9'

Malin Bang, Split Rudder 9'

Stefan Prins, Inhibition Space X 12' 

Michael Maierhof, splitting 47 9'

Ui Kyung Lee, As Long As You Love Me 10' 

Hunjoo Jung, refLEction refRAction difFRaction 12'